Iconic Barber Shop & Shave Parlor

Upscale Barbering For Modern Gentlemen

Iconic Barber Shop & Shave Parlor was created with the intentions of servicing gentlemen and boys from all walks of life and provide them with any style that they may request.  Combining an old-world barbershop appearance with modern day amenities and techniques, the barbers at Iconic are able to cater to those who wear a professional corporate look as well as the progressive urban styles.

Please remember to use our scheduling section to book ahead as appointments are preferred.


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Tue- 9:30-8:00

Wed- 9:30-8:00

Thur- 9:30-8:00

Fri- 9:30-6:00

Sat- 9:00-5:00

Tom's Schedule

Tom will be taking appointments during his apprenticeship under the supervision of Casey (owner) and Shea.  Tom and the rest of the crew at Iconic Barber Shop take pride in their work, and this age old craft is one best mastered through experience and extensive training.  Tom will be perfecting the best techniques possible during his apprenticeship to provide the best cut possible.  During his training his haircuts will be discounted as a "Thank You" to you, the customer, who has allowed him the opportunity to master his craft!