Iconic Barber Shop & Shave Parlor

Traditional Barbering For The Modern Gentleman

Iconic Barber Shop & Shave Parlor was created with the intentions of servicing gentlemen and boys from all walks of life and provide them with any style that they may request. Combining an old-world barbershop appearance and a welcoming environment, with modern day amenities and techniques, the barbers at Iconic are able to cater to those who wear a professional corporate look as well as the progressive urban styles.


Hours Vary By Barber Availability (Schedule Appointment):

General Store hours:

Tue- 9:30-8:00

Wed- 9:30-8:00

Thur- 9:30-8:00

Fri- 9:30-6:00

Sat- 9:00-5:00

Clipper Cut with Swept Top